•          CCP was founded in London in 1995 by Guy Sharon and Daniel Aalsvel.
  •          2004: First branch established in Prague, the Czech Republic.
  •          2004: Acquisition, re-development, and strategic marketing of multi-award winning Liliova 8 project in the Czech Republic.
  •          2004: Office established in Miami, FL.
  •          2006: Sale of London multi-family and commercial mixed use inventory yields impressive market returns for investors.

Founded in London in 1995, Coast Capital Partners (CCP) initially focused on acquiring and redeveloping multi-family and commercial mixed use buildings. CCP founders, Guy Sharon and Daniel Aalsvel identified the potential of unpopular neighborhoods that demonstrated strong fundamentals. All acquisitions were held and managed in-house by the CCP team.

CCP commenced its international development in 2004 with the establishment of its first branch in Prague, the Czech Republic, immediately engaging in the acquisition and development of a wide range of assets across the country. A leading project is the multi-award winning Liliova 8 project where CCP was responsible for acquisition, re-development, and strategic marketing. Liliova 8 yielded the highest residential prices in the entire region.

 In 2004 CCP continued its strategic global expansion into the United States opening an office in Miami, FL.  This office immediately began establishing an international network of brokers and investment clubs and focused on trading in ready single-family building lots. 

In 2006 CCP sold its multi-family and commercial mixed use London inventory to one of Londons largest buy-to-let operators yielding impressive market beating returns for all investors. 

CCP currently continues to focus on acquiring a variety of products globally to generate healthy returns for its investors.